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Stardast / Garage Mak

350z Aero Kit & Accessories

Communication + trust = great business.

Brian Mcann on May 16, 2019

I started working with Mastermind after my Garage Mak order wasn't taken very seriously elsewhere... Wen, Rajeet and Tak are each still excited about cars. It makes the process much more enjoyable when the person handling your deals isn't just an employee, and cares about your parts and your build... and are as excited to see the parts come in as you are. Communication, trust easily equate to great business.

Built 3 cars w/parts sourced from MM

Body Kits for CHR / RX-7 / NS-X

parts from Japan? Mastermind is the go to

Matt Phan on Aug 16, 2021

If you need parts from Japan, Mastermind is the go to for all your needs. I’ve order many parts from them... whether it’s a big or small order, they’ve made me feel like each of those orders were important. They take pride in their service and it shows through their attentiveness to your orders, excitement for cars and great customer service.

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